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Why Online Reviews?

The customer is always right. We've heard this a thousand times, and for good reason.

When it comes to our customers, they're not only the people we serve; they're the people in control of everything, from our reputations to our profits. And with the influence of online customer review sites growing daily, what your customers have to say matters more than ever. What your customers have to say can have a huge impact on your business. Positive customer reviews can drive traffic to your site and business to your door, but negative ones can scare away potential customers and sully a good name. When it comes to your business' reputation, it's essential that your customer ratings and reviews are the best they can be.

These days, most people read and, more importantly, trust, online customer reviews. Potential customers turn to these ratings and reviews as a guide telling them whether or not to give you their business. There's a growing movement today towards review sites, and online customer reviews have more sway than ever before. More and more review sites are offering customers a platform from which to share their opinions and an audience willing to listen. All this emphasis on online customer reviews means that your customers have the ability to act as your biggest advocates and advertise your name with a positive word, or ruin your reputation with a negative one

That's why, if your customer reviews aren't representative of your company now is the time to turn the tide and start making sure your online customer reviews are doing the most they can for your business.
  Why do Online Reviews matter?
Yellow Pages are no longer widely used and have been replaced by local online search. The twist - local search now includes ratings and reviews, and are listed in order by this.
  How does reviews impact sales?
According to a Harvard Study, some businesses have reported up to a 20% drop in sales due to negative reviews. And for each star rating increase or decrease, businesses may lose or gain 5% to 9% in sales.
  What does CritiqueMedia do?
CritiqueMedia turns happy customers into brand enthusiasts which increases your business’ sales. See real reviews from happy customers. Share great reviews on the review sites that matter the most. Increase your star ratings, and get new customers in the door!
  Who benefits the most from using CritiqueMedia?
Any local merchant previously listed in the yellow pages. This works for brick and mortar locations, as well as home-based businesses that service others (plumbers, electricians, etc.).
  Why are so many local businesses showing up with bad reviews?
Complainers are motivated to complain. Happy customers are less motivated to share positive information. A January 2012 study of 1.6 million listings on Google+ local showed that: 1% of listings have 5 stars. 4% of listings have 4 stars. 5% of listings have 3 stars. 3% of listings have 1 – 2 stars. 87% of listings have 0 stars. (According to a Pepperdine study, 0 stars is as bad as 1 - 2 stars.)

What we Specialize in:

  • Review Management99%
  • Press Releases90%
  • Social Media Management95%
  • SEO + Search Suppression89%

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