Reputation is an asset, which should be maintained well as it has a great tangible value. Companies often fail to work on reputation, which harms their image in the market. Sometimes, companies even fail to acknowledge it as a valuable asset. Reputation management improves brand awareness, trust factor & attracts attention of the masses. If your company is lacking an effective Reputation management strategy, it could hurt your sales & revenues.

If you have failed to invest into reputation management in the past, now is the perfect time to start! Reputation increases the value of the business or company and protects when there is a depression in the company. Thus, reputation management is vital for successful running of a business, which should be audited, measured and managed, on ongoing basis.

Monitor the Reputation:

How many businesses do actually go online, put their name on Google and find out about their company. This is the first step of reputation management. Most of the Companies fail to do so and therefore, they are affected strongly with people who have posted negative reviews about them. To overcome such troubles, one should monitor the reputation with the help of reputation management agency. A third of a population is online and they can read the reviews posted about your company and social media works as a marketing channel and can even work against you, so some compelling facts, which you need to consider, are:

  • Reputation plays a major role and reputation management can help you achieve business objectives, which at least 95 percent of CEO’s believe. This was highlighted in a survey conducted by Burson Marsteller (A global PR and the public relations firm who operates in more than 67 cities and his office headquartered in New York City)
  • Monitoring the reputation on the World Wide Web and checking the rumors by capitalizing social media can bring a huge change to your reputation management work. The minute you make an error, it is posted online and responding when, where and how is necessary to boost your good name in the market. Thus, reputation management cannot be ignored.
  • About 83 percent of the people check the feedback of your company and go through the reviews religiously that affect your brand to a huge extent.


Skills required for reputation management:

Executing reputation management online is a serious business, which requires research, public relations and search engine optimization skills.  Hiring a reputed company for reputation management is vital because:

  • The comments which emphasize your expertise will be posted online and good things will be highlighted more with the help of SEO that will put the bad review down
  • For the required set of Keywords the content written by the reputation management company will appear on the top giving you maximum exposure
  • It would need the personal touch and whatever is being said should be changed to actions as well, if you want to build a good reputation and it’s crucial.

Handle customer service channel through social media effectively:

If today, one is not able to get good customer service, then he or she will go anywhere, as there are many competitors of your business in the market. With reputation management you will also need to listen to the customers and if the review or post is negative, reply with an apology and compensate them. Make channels in your business where customers can report their issues well. An early response is necessary to address before the matter becomes worse or is escalated. Your promptness will enhance with reputation management and give you an edge to work effectively.

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